Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Carole King - Porpoise Song (demo)

This song was allegedly written specifically for Micky Dolenz to reflect his years as the pre-pubescent TV character Circus Boy, Corky. The "Porpoise Song" could arguably be the best Carole King & Gerry Goffin composition ever given away for a group to record. This undated demo has an intro and outro that sounds nothing like the Monkees recorded version. King was present at the recording session for tune that opened the Monkees movie "Head." This demo was likely recorded in the fall of 1967 as the Monkees studio sessions for the Porpoise Song commenced in February of 1968. While The Monkees take has a much more dreamy, pop feel, the demo is a bit more haunting, sounding almost like a Gregorian chant. Thanks Carole! Oh, and Gerry, too!

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  1. Stunning- absolutely stunning. Wonder if there's a demo for "As We Go Along"