Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1995 Monkees Reissue Promotional Posters *set of 3*

1995 Monkees Reissue Promotional Posters ~ $45

Here we have a set of 3 Monkees posters. These were sent to music stores to promote the 3 waves of 3 releases of the Monkees CD reissues in 1995. When I say 'waves of 3' they were reissued in groups of 3 as each poster shows. The backs of all 3 posters have a gigantic 2 foot Monkees logo on them. Each poster measures 12" x 24" and are on a rigid, heavy stock paper about the thickness of an 80's album cover. The color looks slightly off on these because I didn't use a flash. Paper is a crisp white. Posters are perfect condition.

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Micky, Davy & Peter ~ Reunion Blues

Summer 1987 and Pool It! has been recorded. Now it's time for a photo session. The photo session, as directed by Henry Diltz commenced in Cherokee Recording Studio. Whomever was working in the recording booth rolled tape for 20 minutes of chatter, a few songs and hi-jinks. One musical highlight, Peter sits down and plunks out a blues riff on the piano and Micky does some vocal improvisation along to Pete's plunkin'. A photo from this session can be seen ... right below actually! The sound bite can be heard right here as well. Sadly this clip has a higher entertainment value than most of Pool It! And it's slightly more nutritious as well. Serves 3.

1987 - the year of the mullet. Don't eff with the Jones, man.

Monday, June 13, 2011

*Monkee Photo Op!*

Keep off the grass, yeah right! Something The Monkees were clearly NOT doing when their TV show was being filmed. Check out The Frodis Caper, A Coffin Too Frequent, Monkees In Texas, Hillbilly Honeymoon, Monstrous Monkee Mash. It's clear these guys were on something! Pictured outside of their 'pad' is the foursome. Pictured below them are their stand-ins for the TV show- L to R: David Pearl, Rick Klein, David Price & John London.

Mike Nesmith 8 track *lot of 3* One Sealed ~ $25

Monkees Mike Nesmith 8 track lot of 3 one sealed ~ $25

* Nevada Fighter (with dust jacket)
* And The Hits Just Keep on Coming (no dust jacket)
* From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing (Sealed).

Both Nevada Fighter and Hits Keep Coming are both in playable condition (I have not tried, but the wheels are in nice shape, not gummed or rotted out). Photon Wing is a cut out with a small drill hole on the title end.Start your Michael Nesmith 8 track tape collection today. Get a jump start on your neighbors with this lot of 3. Be the envy of your entire neighborhood. OK, maybe not. Just the envy of your household, then.

Monkees Vari-Vue Flicker Rings *Lot of 8* Assorted

 Monkees Vari-Vue Flicker Rings *Lot of 8* Assorted ~ $150

Yet another way to attract the pre-teens- pop a few hundred of these in gum ball machines and let the kids beg their parents for 10 cents for a cheap toy! These were also packaged in cellophane bags with hanger tags to be hung on shelves. I've worked hard to photograph these rings so they'd look good for the would-be buyer. The chrome varies from ring to ring, and those that are missing some of the chrome you'll note are molded in a fun colored 'tarnished' plastic.

Ring #1- Mike & Davy/Peter & Micky (There are 2 of this ring)

Ring #2- Peter face/playing guitar (There are 2 of this ring)

Ring #3- Peter pogo stick & Mike skateboard/Davy & Micky on the unicycles

Ring #4- I Love the Monkees/ guys on surfboards
* Nicest ring of the lot.

Ring #5- Davy face/Davy playing guitar

Ring #6- Davy & Mike guitar/Peter guitar & Micky drums
* 2nd best ring of the lot.

(click images for some close ups)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

The Monkees ~ That's What It's Like Loving You 
(backing track) Prod. Davy Jones

Heading into 1968, David Jones took the cue from Mike, Micky & Peter and began cutting & producing his own recording sessions. In this time he produced some fluff. He produced some very good tunes as well, plus a handful of tunes that were never finished, like this one. "That's What It's Like Loving You" was recorded at the very same sessions as Instant Replay's "You & I" as well the 'unreleased until 1995' Jones tune, Smile. Davy had written & recorded several tunes with a Nesmith camp comrade, Steve Pitts. The only two that would be released in the day wound up on The Birds The Bees & The Monkees LP- "Dream World" & "The Poster." For some strange reason this one was abandoned and a vocal was never cut for it. Had it been finished, it could have wound up being one of Davy's very best efforts. The musicians were all session whizzes- Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Gerry McGee, Joe Osborne & playing lead... Neil Young. While there is no real guitar solo in this song like there is in "You & I," There's still some nice guitar work by McGee and Young. Here's the still unreleased backing track for "That's What It's Like Loving You." I can't even hear Davy singing this one. Thanks for nothing Edith Sidebottom. You don't get a copy of this one. Pfft.

1988 Monkees Scrapbook Cover Flat/Unused *signed!*

1988 Monkees Scrapbook Cover Flat/Unused *signed!* ~ $15

A valuable resource in the late 80's was the Monkees Scrapbook. It had some great photos as well as the first comprehensive listing for the Monkees sessions! A bit of a bible for its time. What you see here is a cover proof that was never made into a book cover. It's flat, unfolded and unused. It's got a few scratches on it, but nothing major. There is also a slight bend to the lower right cover by the word San Francisco. Other than that, nice piece! Like the back of the book says, "No fan can be without this book." Oh, it's also autographed on the reverse by one of the authors! And you know who you are.