Sunday, May 1, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Micky Dolenz + Michael Lloyd = STARSHIP!

Micky and Michael on the bridge of their Starship.

After 2 failed singles on MGM, under his own name, Micky Dolenz continued his contract by teaming up with Los Angeles band-jumper and producer, Michael Lloyd. Their first and only offering on the MGM subsidiary label, Lion, was hugely ignored by critics, disc jockeys, and the record buying public. The promo offering was a mono/stereo white label release of "Johnny B. Goode," sounding like a cross between glam rock and an early incarnation of heavy metal- over produced and over the top. But flip the stock copy and it reveals a very pleasant Micky Dolenz written tune called, "It's Amazing to Me."

     While the sessions that surround this single produced enough recordings for an album, no others would see legitimate release. However, three additional tunes would be traded on cassettes for years and surprisingly never pop up on any bootleg releases. These tunes included a cover of the 1950's Sheb Wooley hit "Purple People Eater." The second is a song that Micky introduces to canned applause as "I Hate Rock & Roll" sung by Micky and the One Nighters. The third tune "Wing Walker" was written by Monkees friend Bill Martin. Martin was writer of the non Colgems published "All Of Your Toys," co-author of PAC&J's "The Door Into Summer," and much later, Nez tunes, "Eldorado To The Moon" and "Chow Mein & Bowling."    

For your enjoyment, here is Starship's stock copy B-side.
Play me! "It's Amazing To Me."

For those of you nerds that need to know too much, there are two label variations of this single. The other spells Micky incorrectly, as Mickey. Which do you have?

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