Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Carole King - Porpoise Song (demo)

This song was allegedly written specifically for Micky Dolenz to reflect his years as the pre-pubescent TV character Circus Boy, Corky. The "Porpoise Song" could arguably be the best Carole King & Gerry Goffin composition ever given away for a group to record. This undated demo has an intro and outro that sounds nothing like the Monkees recorded version. King was present at the recording session for tune that opened the Monkees movie "Head." This demo was likely recorded in the fall of 1967 as the Monkees studio sessions for the Porpoise Song commenced in February of 1968. While The Monkees take has a much more dreamy, pop feel, the demo is a bit more haunting, sounding almost like a Gregorian chant. Thanks Carole! Oh, and Gerry, too!

Monkees Davy Jones 1980's Keychain- Australian Tour Item

Monkees Davy Jones 1980's Keychain Australian Tour Item ~ $35

Metal keychain. The front has a likeness of Davy holding a bouquet of flowers (This Bouquet?). The flip says "Souvenir of Davy Jones Tour" embossed into the metal. I've owned this since 1988. It's perfect, unused and stored in a plastic bag for 23 years. You too can love him forever. Mullet not included. Super duper rare! EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that this item was produced as part of the 1988 merchandise line for the Australian Davy tour that Peter and Micky eventually joined. Making this oddity a bit more interesting.

* Monkees Photo Op *

Pic taken in France? Unusual image.


Micky Dolenz MGM/Romar 45 - Ooh She's Young/Love War

Micky Dolenz MGM/Romar 45 Ooh She's Young / Love War ~ $35

Easily one of the most unusual solo 45's & the two creepiest Micky tunes, both written by him- Ooh She's Young b/w Love War. Released in England in 1974. This record was WAS NOT originally issued with a picture sleeve.VG++ for some light scuffs. It's rare folks! WOW! Micky was spelled correctly!

Monkees TV Week April 1969 - 33 1/3 TV Special

Monkees TV Week April 1969  - 33 1/3 TV Special photo ~ $15

Baltimore newspaper TV supplement & schedule from the week of April 13, 1969.
Inside a 1/2 page pic from the Monkees 1969 TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.
Lesley Ann Warren on the cover. Also articles and pics of the Oscars, Dick Van Dyke, Petula Clark, Marlo Thomas, Jim Stacy, Diahann Carroll & Leslie Uggams, Dinah Shore, Carol Channing, Lloyd Bridges, Bob Denver. Overall the mag is in good shape. It's getting pretty brittle as it's dried out over the years. Cover has some pieces broken off around the edges.

Ian Matthews "Valley Hi" LP Michael Nesmith Produced 1973

Ian Matthews "Valley Hi" Michael Nesmith Produced LP 1973 ~ $10

This Ian Matthews venture is a very Eagles sounding country rock abum, partly due to the fact that the album was produced by Monkee Michael Nesmith who produced a few other records in this time frame. There is a Michael Nesmith cover- Propinquity as well as covers by Jackson Browne, Randy Newman. Michael Nesmith also plays guitar on the album. Cover face, reverse, & gatefold interior are in beautiful condition. Any wear on the cover is on the corners and edge due to the paper stock that it was printed on- near mint other than the edge wear which brings it down to VG++. The vinyl has some light scratches and a few larger that don't affect play, some surface noise, but no skipping. Looks VG++ vinyl, but plays NM. There is a small sticker stain in the upper left corner of the cover, about 1"x1". Doesn't take away from the rest of the cover. Nice copy! Never been released on CD.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

In 1966, Mike was the first Monkee to produced Monkees recording sessions. With his own stash of songs being committed to tape as well as some by Carole King. He also dipped into the song well recording one from his Texan pal, Bill Chadwick. Bill was a member of several Randy Sparks outfits with Michael including The New Society. They were primarily a folk outfit, but post Chadwick, they released a full length LP as a baroque ensemble. This incarnation of The New Society recorded a string version of Bill Chadwick's "Of You." Into the summer 1966. Michael lays down a countrified version of "Of You." Bill's recollections say that Mike tinkered with this song a few times. This version is evidence of that. Still unreleased to this day, it did see light of day in the trading circles as well as on the 1985 Davy & His Band bootleg LP, "Ninth Album." The title the "Ninth Album" comes from a story that Colgems records was going to release another album from the 'trio' just prior to Changes, making it the 'ninth album' to be released. Had that been the case, Changes would have been #10.

It was reported that the released 'ninth album' would have been more like Instant Replay featuring a lot of material that was still in the can, including "Rosemarie," "Hollywood," and among others this version of "Of You." This version features an alternate vocal from Michael as well as completely different backing vocals than the released take on Rhino's "Missing Links 1" CD/LP/cassette. Also noticeable is the panned guitar solo and other rhythm instruments that are faded across the stereo spectrum during the instrumental break. This mix was originally slowed down about 7%. Probably to give it more of a late 60's country-rock feel. It's been pitched back up to match the key of A, which is how it was recorded in 1966. For years this version has been refered to as the 1969 version. It's unclear if the vocals were recorded in 1966 or 1969 as revisited for the proposed 'ninth album.' Enjoy!

Nez rehearsing in 1966.

12" Pool It! Beach Ball 1987 Promo Item

Monkees 12" Pool It! Beach Ball 1987 Promo Item ~ $20

Here's a promo only item that was given to select record stores to promote the 1987 album Pool It!
It's a 12" inflatable, vinyl beach ball with the Monkees logo & Pool It! silk screened on one side, with some small wording beneath: "on Rhino Records, cassettes and compact discs." This is new old stock and has never been inflated. I've had it since 1987. Highly unusual item. Put your Heart & Soul into it and buy this 80's beach ball. Davy would be with you Every Step of The Way, right down the line.

Monkees KHJ Music Survey - Hollywood Bowl Ad May '67

Monkees Music Survey KHJ Hollywood Bowl Ad May '67 ~ $25

Great little 60's psychedelic piece! KHJ Radio music survey. The Los Angeles based radio station, KHJ loved the Monkees! On this weekly survey, the Monkees are featured on the cover, dated May 10, 1967. On the cover is an advert for their upcoming Hollywood Bowl concert! On the flip is a rundown of the KHJ's most played songs for that week. What makes this item a bit more interesting is that the music survey is unfolded! Just a little wear on the corners, other than that, it's nearly perfect.

* Monkees Photo Op *

Mike taking flight for the 'jumping' sequence in their film Head.

Monkees Headquarters Colgems 8 Track Tape

Monkees Headquarters Colgems 8 Track Tape ~ $50

Very tough to locate Colgems 8 track at all. This one comes with a tape protection clip. This tape got a lot of love & use. Looks like someone listened to it in their garage 8 track deck. There are some dark fingerprint smudges on the label, sides and back of cassette plastic. Likely from changing tapes when working on their car in their dad's car port! Also some bubbling of the paper label. This looks to be when the label was adhered originally. Roller wheel is free and is probably playable, I have not tried. Still, nearly impossible to find in any condition.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Broadcasting Break!

Monkees on the Bob Shannon show, KRUX 1360 AM, Phoenix, AZ, Jan 20, 1967

January 1967 found the Monkees on a brief tour of the US. One of the stops, Phoenix, AZ was filmed for the "On Tour" episode of their TV show. The evening prior to the concert, January 20th, Micky, Davy & Mike invaded KRUX 1360 AM radio and the Bob Shannon show. Pete was feeling sick and stayed at the hotel. This sound bite is an excerpt from a 42 minute segment of an air check where they goofed off, played some of their own tunes and other faves of the day- Temptations, Stones, Beatles, Left Banke, et al. During the radio show, The Monkees were inviting the listeners to come down to the hotel where they were staying. Apparently the manager of the hotel was slightly distressed by the thought of having several hundred kids in his hotel courtyard, called them at the station to tell them it wasn't a good idea. Micky & Michael played this up on the air. This is Michael interviewing the manager of the hotel, Mr. Merten Krantz (it's really Micky!) making light of the situation. Pretty funny stuff!

Monkees SEALED GAF Viewmaster Reels

Monkees Sealed GAF Viewmaster Reels ~ $70

Sealed/unopened set of Viewmaster Reels! Sealed! WOW! Corners have taken some dings, 2 of them seem to be from the shrink wrap process where they bent slightly under the shrink wrap pressure. What else can be said, they're sealed! No one has ever viewed this set. Will you? You CAN'T open it! Don't do it!

1987 Blitz Magazine Monkees on Cover and Inside

Monkees Blitz Magazine Nov/Dec 87 ~ $15

This issue of the revived 1970's rock fanzine features Tork & Dolenz Interviews.
It revisits the success of the 86/87 tours of the Monkees and has nice interviews with Peter & Micky. Other features include interview articles on Del Shannon, Millie Jackson, Pete Fountain, Roger McGuinn, & Mike Stax. Also included is a record review of Monkees cover versions of songs. Like new.

Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones Japanese "Do It In The Name Of Love" 45

Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones Japanese "Do It In The Name Of Love" 45 on Arista Records ~ $25

Here we have an early 80's reissue of the 1971 Bell records release "Do It In The Name Of Love" backed with (b/w) "Lady Jane," on Arista Records. After the release of the Monkees 1970 album Changes, the duo dumped the Monkees name and released one more single.  A flop in 1971, a flop again in 1981... That was then, this is now! The songs are pretty good, and any copy of this single is hard to locate. Record is VG+++, sleeve/insert has a slight pressure ring where the 45 has been stored against the 45 for 30 years. Not noticeable as wear unless you remove the insert from the poly-vinyl jacket to look at it , but is still in fantastic shape. Lyrics on the flip of the insert. Very nice copy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Peter Tork & The New Monks - Pleasant Valley Sunday

Having kicked the drugs and booze in the early 80s, Monkee Peter Tork moved his musical career down another path... finally becoming a recording artist. Up until this point, the most musical Monkee (that's an alliteration!) had released ZILCH (sly reference) as far as recordings go. He whipped together an early kind of proto-punk combo, with an intentional nod to his noteriety, called Peter Tork & The New Monks. Peter's only 45 release (sorry, had to get another reference in there!) popped up on a small vanity label called Claude's Music Works. It featured a fantastic banjo and violin driven version of the Jackie Wilson Classic, "Higher & Higher." Peter really and truly shined here. It showed his potential as an artist. Sadly, Peter admits to have had an undiagnosed case of attention deficit disorder which stifled his interest and output. Flip the 45 and you'll find a new-wavey take on the Boyce & Hart written "Steppin' Stone." Sounding a bit dated now, it still is a fine piece of music loaded with early 80's synthesizer sounds. Why they never broke as an underground cult combo is quite puzzling.

As a performing band, The New Monks would cut a number of tracks that would ultimately become the demo tape Pete would send to bars to get gigs. During this same time-frame, Peter cut some demos for Sire records, including another Monkee classic, Pleasant Valley Sunday." He recorded this and Higher & Higher, two different times. Here's his pleasant take on the Goffin & King classic, Pleasant Valley Sunday. Enjoy Peter Percival Patterson's Pleasant Valley!

Proud papa Pete & daughter Hallie during the
photo session for the Claude Music Works 45
picture sleeve. Cute photo!

Monkees West Fan Club Magazine 1st Issue 1987

Monkees West Fan Club Magazine 1st Issue 1987 ~ $13

This fanzine features some pix from the 80's and a number of Henry Diltz originals from the 1960's. Great pic of Nez on the boat from the "Hitting The High Seas" episode where Mike went home seasick and didn't complete the shooting for that episode. Photos, a Henry Diltz interview, concert review & more! Nice item and pretty unusual. Light wear around edges.

Friday, May 6, 2011

1980's Vinyl & Picture Sleeve - Lot of 7 45's BONUS That Was Then 12"

Monkees Rhino & Arista Records 1986/1987 45 & 12" lot! ~ $35

What is here you ask? Glad to inform you

Here are all the Monkees US vinyl singles from 1986 & 1987 in one lot!
There is a bit of bending-type wear on the top of the That Was Then & Daydream Believer 7" sleeves.
Separately these 45's would cost you about $45 + shipping for each record. Get them all in one shot at $35. The remainder of the sleeves are great! Here's whatcha get: 

* That Was Then, This Is Now / same flipside - promo 45 w/sleeve
* Daydream Believer (remix only found here!) / Randy Scouse Git - 45 w/sleeve
* Heart & Soul / MGBGT - 45 (pink vinyl) w/ hard stock paper sleeve
* Heart & Soul / MGBGT - 45 (black vinyl, 2nd issue) w/ flimsier paper sleeve
* Every Step Of The Way (remix, only found here!) / I'll Love You Forever (live 1986) 45 w/sleeve
* Every Step Of The Way (remix, only found here!) / I'll Love You Forever (live 1986) picture disc in the mylar sleeve it originally came in

Buy them now and I'll toss in the 12" 45 of "That Was Then, This Is Now," for free! All of these are unplayed, with maybe the exception of the That Was Then 12"! This 12" was used when I bought it. Everything else I purchased personally.

Nice copy of The Monkees 1986 Hit, That Was Then, This Is Now as a 12" promo version.
Now fairly uncommon, this song hit #20 on the Billboard charts the summer of 1986. Vinyl is near mint, while the cover is a high VG++ with slight ring wear, rubbing, etc.

What a deal!! That was then, this is WOW! Get them before they're gone.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Davy Jones on Merv Griffin 1973

While Davy performed live shows throughout the early 70's, he released a number of 45's on the Bell Records label. His take on the Neil Sedaka tune, "Rainy Jane" had a respectable showing as a minor hit, but the remainder of his Bell singles went nowhere. Davy reprised his role as the Artful Dodger in the touring stage show, Oliver. He tried to stay in the public eye and made many TV appearances. He then released two 45's on the MGM label. In a surprising move, Davy appears on Merv Griffin and doesn't push any new single, but rather sings a song he'd never record; Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again, Naturally." Here's Davy. I can already hear you swooning!

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones T-shirt *Large*

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones T-shirt ~ $22

Fantastic size Large T-shirt* of the cover of the Monkees 4th album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. It's new old stock and have never been worn or laundered. I know because I purchased it in the mid 80's from some merchandise Salesman. Great colors! Nice T that would look great Daily Nightly! You'll say to yourself, "I know it's Hard To Believe, but What Am I Doing Hanging 'Round when Love is Only Sleeping? I'm a Cuddly Toy and I can be a Star Collector, too!" Get it now and give it to your girlfriend while She Hangs Out. She might just have some sweet Words for you.     
*Mike Nesmith hanger not included.

Monkees Arista Greatest Hits LP RCA Record Club issue

Monkees Greatest Hits LP RCA Record Club issue ~ $20

Rareish RCA Record Club release of The Monkees Greatest Hits on Arista. The Record Club versions don't turn up as often. Jacket and record are in NM condiction and the jacket is still in the shrink wrap. Nice! The upper left hand corner is crinkled slightly under the pressure of the shrink wrap process. Very nice copy.

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Michael Nesmith - Don't Call On Me

In 1965 Michael was busy on the music circuit performing alone, with John London, with various combos including Randy Sparks folk group, the Survivors, and even the Randy Sparks combo The New Society. According to long-time friend and musician, Bill Chadwick, Mike was in the New Society long enough to attend a recording session that produced the New Society's RCA single B-Side, Buttermilk. Allegedly, Mike plays guitar and possibly sings as part of the ensemble. However, Michael cannot be recognized on the actual recording. Around this same time, Michael cut a number of songs as demos for Frankie Laine's vanity label, Omnibus. One single was released "Just a Little Love" backed with "How Can You Kiss Me?" Also recorded at these sessions were a number of songs including "One & Twenty," "I've Been Searchin'," among others as well as early versions of future Monkee tracks "All The Kings Horses" and "Don't Call On Me." Here's a nice folky take on the Michael written "Don't Call On Me."

John London & Michael collect their awards for being
voted the "folkies most likely to dress alike." Well done!

Michael Nesmith 3 LP Starter Kit Lot L@@K!

Michael Nesmith 3 LP Starter Kit Lot L@@K! ~ $18

That's $6 per LP! 
  • Loose Salute (1970) 2nd album. Contains the minor hit, Silver Moon. Vinyl is NM. The cover is VG++ only because of edge wear and the saw mark for the cut out.
  • From A Radio Engine to the Photon Wing (1977) Mike's 8th album. Contains the song for the first music video, Rio. Overseas Rio make some musical charts. Record is NM. Cover is VG++ because of corner wear. Curiously the jacket is still shrink wrapped, but there is a small 1/4" tear under the cellophane. Odd. Lyric sheet/inner jacket included.
  • Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma (1979) Mike's 10th album. Released in 1979, this album features music from his upcoming, Grammy award winning video, Elephant Parts. Cover wear is mostly around the edges, and a hint of ring wear. The record is a solid VG++ (I played this record a lot). Lower right corner is cut as a cut out. Lyric sheet/inner jacket included. Shipping will probably be about $5.

The Birds The Bees & The Monkees Colgems LP

Monkees The Birds The Bees LP Colgems ~ $9

A nice copy of The Monkees 5th long player. Contains the hits Valleri & Daydream Believer plus a fine selection of the era's most psychedelic Monkee tracks! Cover is VG+ with some ring wear and spine, edge wear and a dinged lower right corner. Record is also in VG+ shape. Light surface wear on the record itself, however there are two small scratches, one is audible- PO Box 9847 into Magnolia Simms. It will probably be $3 to ship it. Get it cheap!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TWO Monkees Bracelets unused on cards

TWO Monkees Charm Bracelets 'New Old Stock' On Original Cards ~ $50

Two birds with one stone!
Both 1967 Raybert licensed bracelets still on cards. Hang holes are unpunched. 
Very light edge wear. NM condition on both. The 'medallion' bracelet is nearly perfect. The only real 'flaw' with the charm bracelet can be seen in the image to the left of Davy's charm. It's rub wear from the clasp end of the bracelet. Not terribly rare, but they both can be purchased together at one nice price!  

Note: I had some trouble photographing these and they are NOT yellowed as they appear.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Micky Dolenz + Michael Lloyd = STARSHIP!

Micky and Michael on the bridge of their Starship.

After 2 failed singles on MGM, under his own name, Micky Dolenz continued his contract by teaming up with Los Angeles band-jumper and producer, Michael Lloyd. Their first and only offering on the MGM subsidiary label, Lion, was hugely ignored by critics, disc jockeys, and the record buying public. The promo offering was a mono/stereo white label release of "Johnny B. Goode," sounding like a cross between glam rock and an early incarnation of heavy metal- over produced and over the top. But flip the stock copy and it reveals a very pleasant Micky Dolenz written tune called, "It's Amazing to Me."

     While the sessions that surround this single produced enough recordings for an album, no others would see legitimate release. However, three additional tunes would be traded on cassettes for years and surprisingly never pop up on any bootleg releases. These tunes included a cover of the 1950's Sheb Wooley hit "Purple People Eater." The second is a song that Micky introduces to canned applause as "I Hate Rock & Roll" sung by Micky and the One Nighters. The third tune "Wing Walker" was written by Monkees friend Bill Martin. Martin was writer of the non Colgems published "All Of Your Toys," co-author of PAC&J's "The Door Into Summer," and much later, Nez tunes, "Eldorado To The Moon" and "Chow Mein & Bowling."    

For your enjoyment, here is Starship's stock copy B-side.
Play me! "It's Amazing To Me."

For those of you nerds that need to know too much, there are two label variations of this single. The other spells Micky incorrectly, as Mickey. Which do you have?