Monday, May 23, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

In 1966, Mike was the first Monkee to produced Monkees recording sessions. With his own stash of songs being committed to tape as well as some by Carole King. He also dipped into the song well recording one from his Texan pal, Bill Chadwick. Bill was a member of several Randy Sparks outfits with Michael including The New Society. They were primarily a folk outfit, but post Chadwick, they released a full length LP as a baroque ensemble. This incarnation of The New Society recorded a string version of Bill Chadwick's "Of You." Into the summer 1966. Michael lays down a countrified version of "Of You." Bill's recollections say that Mike tinkered with this song a few times. This version is evidence of that. Still unreleased to this day, it did see light of day in the trading circles as well as on the 1985 Davy & His Band bootleg LP, "Ninth Album." The title the "Ninth Album" comes from a story that Colgems records was going to release another album from the 'trio' just prior to Changes, making it the 'ninth album' to be released. Had that been the case, Changes would have been #10.

It was reported that the released 'ninth album' would have been more like Instant Replay featuring a lot of material that was still in the can, including "Rosemarie," "Hollywood," and among others this version of "Of You." This version features an alternate vocal from Michael as well as completely different backing vocals than the released take on Rhino's "Missing Links 1" CD/LP/cassette. Also noticeable is the panned guitar solo and other rhythm instruments that are faded across the stereo spectrum during the instrumental break. This mix was originally slowed down about 7%. Probably to give it more of a late 60's country-rock feel. It's been pitched back up to match the key of A, which is how it was recorded in 1966. For years this version has been refered to as the 1969 version. It's unclear if the vocals were recorded in 1966 or 1969 as revisited for the proposed 'ninth album.' Enjoy!

Nez rehearsing in 1966.

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