Thursday, May 5, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

Michael Nesmith - Don't Call On Me

In 1965 Michael was busy on the music circuit performing alone, with John London, with various combos including Randy Sparks folk group, the Survivors, and even the Randy Sparks combo The New Society. According to long-time friend and musician, Bill Chadwick, Mike was in the New Society long enough to attend a recording session that produced the New Society's RCA single B-Side, Buttermilk. Allegedly, Mike plays guitar and possibly sings as part of the ensemble. However, Michael cannot be recognized on the actual recording. Around this same time, Michael cut a number of songs as demos for Frankie Laine's vanity label, Omnibus. One single was released "Just a Little Love" backed with "How Can You Kiss Me?" Also recorded at these sessions were a number of songs including "One & Twenty," "I've Been Searchin'," among others as well as early versions of future Monkee tracks "All The Kings Horses" and "Don't Call On Me." Here's a nice folky take on the Michael written "Don't Call On Me."

John London & Michael collect their awards for being
voted the "folkies most likely to dress alike." Well done!

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