Saturday, May 21, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Broadcasting Break!

Monkees on the Bob Shannon show, KRUX 1360 AM, Phoenix, AZ, Jan 20, 1967

January 1967 found the Monkees on a brief tour of the US. One of the stops, Phoenix, AZ was filmed for the "On Tour" episode of their TV show. The evening prior to the concert, January 20th, Micky, Davy & Mike invaded KRUX 1360 AM radio and the Bob Shannon show. Pete was feeling sick and stayed at the hotel. This sound bite is an excerpt from a 42 minute segment of an air check where they goofed off, played some of their own tunes and other faves of the day- Temptations, Stones, Beatles, Left Banke, et al. During the radio show, The Monkees were inviting the listeners to come down to the hotel where they were staying. Apparently the manager of the hotel was slightly distressed by the thought of having several hundred kids in his hotel courtyard, called them at the station to tell them it wasn't a good idea. Micky & Michael played this up on the air. This is Michael interviewing the manager of the hotel, Mr. Merten Krantz (it's really Micky!) making light of the situation. Pretty funny stuff!

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