Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monkees Dell Comic Books *Lot of 8*

Dell Comic Books *Lot of 8* ~ $70

Wow. I remember a ay in the late 1980's when these sought after comic books would sell for $15 or $20 each. Currently it seems a few are still going for that (issues #1 & 10), but overall they've taken a dip in value. Both issues 1 & 10 are present here. Issues present are: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 14 & 16. I'm even gonna toss in a duplicate of issue #1 for good measure. All vary in condition from G to VG++. None of these are perfect. These were purchased by kids fercryinoutloud! Most of the general wear is around the edges and on the spine which have some bending stress points. Issue #16 has some paper from the cover removed by what was probably tape. Best comic book of the bunch is #14 and it's a good one!

With issues #1 & #10 going at $20 & $15 + $5 each for shipping, that's $50.
If your were to purchase the separately the others would cost about $10 each including shipping- that would be about $10 total for these 8! Get them all now for much less! Collect them all! Trade with your friends!

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