Saturday, June 4, 2011

*Monkee Photo Op!*

From December of 1967 to the summer of 1968, The Monkees filmed their only motion picture, Head.
There were at least 3 script revisions. The first draft featured several scenes that were never shot, and many scenes that were filmed but cut from the final print. The photo below is just one example. There was a sequence just after the kissing scene where Mike walks Lady Pleasure to the door, closes it, then looks into the mirror and says, "Hey, now wait a minute. Wait just a Minute." The sequence continued on with all four guys looking into the mirror- Davy was dressed in a Sheik's outfit, Micky in a satyr costume playing a pan flute, Mike in a cowboy hat and jean jacket, and Peter in a clown outfit. (Side note: A few of the Davy, Micky & Mike pics from this sequence are seen in "The Monkees Go Ape" book, also for sale on this blog.) This entire mirror sequence was filmed but cut from the final print. Here's photo proof of Peter's scene.

Fun note: It was rumored back in the 1980's that these photos were from an unreleased Head sequence where Peter sang his song "The Merry Go Round Song."

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