Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Listen To The Band * A Monkee Music Break!

The Monkees ~ That's What It's Like Loving You 
(backing track) Prod. Davy Jones

Heading into 1968, David Jones took the cue from Mike, Micky & Peter and began cutting & producing his own recording sessions. In this time he produced some fluff. He produced some very good tunes as well, plus a handful of tunes that were never finished, like this one. "That's What It's Like Loving You" was recorded at the very same sessions as Instant Replay's "You & I" as well the 'unreleased until 1995' Jones tune, Smile. Davy had written & recorded several tunes with a Nesmith camp comrade, Steve Pitts. The only two that would be released in the day wound up on The Birds The Bees & The Monkees LP- "Dream World" & "The Poster." For some strange reason this one was abandoned and a vocal was never cut for it. Had it been finished, it could have wound up being one of Davy's very best efforts. The musicians were all session whizzes- Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Gerry McGee, Joe Osborne & playing lead... Neil Young. While there is no real guitar solo in this song like there is in "You & I," There's still some nice guitar work by McGee and Young. Here's the still unreleased backing track for "That's What It's Like Loving You." I can't even hear Davy singing this one. Thanks for nothing Edith Sidebottom. You don't get a copy of this one. Pfft.

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