Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1995 Monkees Reissue Promotional Posters *set of 3*

1995 Monkees Reissue Promotional Posters ~ $45

Here we have a set of 3 Monkees posters. These were sent to music stores to promote the 3 waves of 3 releases of the Monkees CD reissues in 1995. When I say 'waves of 3' they were reissued in groups of 3 as each poster shows. The backs of all 3 posters have a gigantic 2 foot Monkees logo on them. Each poster measures 12" x 24" and are on a rigid, heavy stock paper about the thickness of an 80's album cover. The color looks slightly off on these because I didn't use a flash. Paper is a crisp white. Posters are perfect condition.

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